My Busiest Day (based on data)

I hate Mondays. It always feels like there’s way too many meetings scheduled on that day and I don’t feel very productive in meetings.

So I decided to see if Mondays are actually my busiest day or if I’m just being grumpy due to Monday being the first day of the week. Since Google Calendar has a simple API that I can farm to get that data – I got to coding.

I’ve been at Frank & Oak for about 6 months now, which sounded like enough data to pull for this simple analysis. I built a quick app (see below if you want to use it) to sum up the amount of time I’m in meetings and group them by day:


It looks like I was wrong. Mondays aren’t my busiest day, in fact – Mondays are an average day for me. It looks like I’m busiest during Wednesdays.

This made me realize that I keep scheduling meetings on Wednesdays because of their convenient position within the week – It’s not too late in the week and it’s also not too early.

I can always start doing this more to see if it impacts my productivity. A day filled with meetings sounds better than a few meetings spread throughout multiple days. At least for me – I don’t like interruptions.

All of this got me curious to see if there’s any correlation between how busy I am and the time of the month. So I crunched up the data again:


There seems to be a slight increase in the amount of time I’m in meetings when closer to the end of the month. But I wanted to make sure that this wasn’t coincidental, so I looked at the total duration I’m in meetings per day over the past six months:


There are clear spikes in each month, specially the last 4. It turns out, since we launch a new issue (new product selection) each month – I’m stuck in a lot of preparation meetings for the launch. This has been happening ad-hoc where I tell partners and colleagues to avoid reaching out to me at the end of the month, but this helped to solidify that behaviour even more.

I encourage you to make decisions about your behaviour based on data, as much as possible. It’s a beautiful thing.

If you’d like to look at your data, I’ve spun up a quick app that will generate the above charts for you:

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