I want (retail & e-commerce edition)

So Dustin Curtis wrote this post called “I want”. It’s an interesting approach to predicting the future by basing it on desires that are not bound by what’s possible in the world. I found it to be an interesting exercise. Here’s what I want in the world of retail and ecommerce.

Some of these products or functionalities already exist but either not to the extent that they should or have been thought of the wrong way. But please feel free to shoot me a tweet @ngardideh if you believe they’re already being done well.

I want to never have to identify who I am or give out information over and over again. Once is enough. Brands should know who I am, what I’ve bought from them before and what type of things I like.

I want walk into a store, grab what I want, not talk to anyone and leave with what I need or want. Transactions shouldn’t slow me down and I shouldn’t be bothered if I don’t need help with my purchase.

I want to walk into a store and be instantly greeted by my name if I go to an associate and get detailed recommendations for what I want based on previous purchases both from that store and other purchases in general.

I want to be able to try things without having to visit a store with a special piece of hardware that morphs into what I’m looking at online so I know how it feels and looks.

I want every product I purchase to be self-aware, connected to the internet and working to optimize my experience with the product, my life in general and the world.

I want to know what friends think of a product I’m looking at in a store or online without having to bother them by contacting them.

I want to always know what the best price for each product I view is in the world and be able to purchase it.

I don’t ever want to pay for shipping and I want everything to arrive the same day at my place.

I don’t ever want to sign for a delivery. It should be inside my apartment when I get home. I don’t want to go all the way to a post-office to return a product. Someone should pick it up from my doorstep.

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